Who are we?

Located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, SENEX Cycles grew out of an obsession with bikes in general and titanium bikes in particular. Both founders have been riding and wrenching since grade school, and while researching custom designed, hand welded bike frames for themselves, they realized that there was a niche for high quality bikes at reasonable prices, and SENEX Cycles was born! At Senex, we don't sit in a stuffy office and stare at the bottom line, we ride and race what we sell so that we can refine our product and processes.

What kind of bike is a SENEX?

SENEX means "wise old man", and what could be more wise than saving hundreds or even thousands of your hard earned dollars on a hand-welded, titanium bicycle.

Whether racing, trail riding, or bike-packing, mountain biking is about the freedom of the trail, long strenuous climbs, and sweeping descents punctuated by eye-popping views and white-knuckle technical features. Your bike should be less like a tool and more like a well fitting garment. It should enhance your ride, not hold you back. There are plenty of name brand bicycles out there that are pretty good quality, but at SENEX, we feel that for the same money, riders deserve something more. Something ...personal. A lovingly designed, mercilessly tested bike that looks as good as it rides.

For daily trail riding, SENEX bicycles are built to last for decades of hard use. If you manage to break your frame under normal use, we will repair or replace it. Forever. Period.

If racing is your passion, SENEX bicycles are designed to be light enough for pro class weight-weenies, but durable enough for the privateer racer who can afford just one bike for training and race day. A truly do-it-all hardtail mountain bike.

How is SENEX different?

The most noticeable difference is the 650b, or 27.5" wheel size. The 29er vs 26" discussion will never end, but in the meantime, you can discover what discerning riders have already learned: 29 is too big, 26 is too small, and 27.5 is the wheel size mountain bikes should have used from the beginning. We sat over many beverages and drew and scrapped dozens of designs before settling on the final geometry. We even went through a substantial amount of prototyping with out-of-pocket funding until we refined the geometry into a finished product that blends fit, form, and function into a perfect bike. A bike that "disappears" under the rider and allows the pure essence of riding to come through.

Why Titanium?

Ti is the holy grail of bike frame materials. It is beautiful and strong. It is lighter than steel while giving a similar feel on the trail. It is less harsh than aluminum, but without the "dead" feeling of carbon. Until now, Ti bikes were expensive and out of reach, but Senex is here to change that. You deserve a pro level frame, and you should be able to have one for the price of an alloy, off-the-shelf, big-name bike.

Ti is notorious for being difficult to weld. It requires very high temperatures and meticulous attention to detail. We source from a skilled welder with decades of experience welding the finest 3Al / 2.5V titanium into rolling works of art that last a lifetime.

SENEX Cycles: The bike you deserve at a price you can afford.