Emily Danielski

Mountain biking entered Emily's life in 2011. She had graduated from college with a degree in English and found herself in a challenging job market but found fulfillment in mountain biking on a borrowed bike. She learned to dodge trees and ride over roots and rocks, and was hooked. The next summer she bought her own bike and started racing. She says racing pushes her to be the best that she can be even when her body decides that it wants to sleep and not work. She can't imagine not being able to ride.
When not biking, Emily works at Fastenal Company as an outside sales representative. She enjoys reading, writing, fishing, and lots of other random hobbies. If she doesn't get her time on the bike, she gets crabby.
Emily says that when she started riding a SENEX 650b, she knew something was different. Her rides became smoother and cleaner. She no longer had to fight with the bike to make it through tight corners. It's as if the SENEX understands how and where she wants to go.

We are proud to have Emily wearing the SENEX Team jersey!

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Corey Maddocks

As a kid growing up in Maine Corey was always on a bike, but didn't get into mountain biking as a sport until moving to Colorado in 2004. He was immediately bitten by the MTB bug and learned everything he could about his new-found hobby. He had always done his own wrenching on various bikes, and worked for a shop for a while in college, so the mechanical side of mountain biking really appeals to him. During four years as a contributing editor for singletracks.com, Corey was exposed to the latest and greatest bike and frame technology, which provided the inspiration for getting into frame design. As lead designer for SENEX, he uses racing to get a feel for how SENEX frame geometry and component selections will function out on the trail. He's certainly not the fastest racer on the SENEX team, but he has never DNF'ed!

Ava Maddocks

Corey's daughter Ava started mountain biking at the age of seven and was quickly going fast and hucking off things. In her first season of racing in 2015, she came away with fifteen podiums, two series wins, and a top 10 season as a freshman in the NICA Colorado High School MTB league. In 2016, Ava will be racing on a prototype SENEX 29er hardtail, and hopefully earning even more leader's jerseys!

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